Build Confidence And Get Fit Without The Violence

Our program emphasises the positive aspects of the sport, such as:

  • Becoming comfortable with your body
  • Excelling past your comfort zone to accomplish a goal
  • Erasing self-doubt and insecurity
  • Dealing with your emotions in a constructive way

    While avoiding the negative aspects by excluding sparring, such as:

  • Normalizing hitting
  • Stripping away empathy
  • Risking injury
  • Embracing aggressive impulses

    640 Kids Per Year - 3 Hours A Night

    We will maximize our impact in the community by combining our after-school open gym with a structured, opt-in only evening program. By registering in advance and creating a list of vetted participants, we will be able to track and measure the results of our efforts. In an effort to ensure as many people get to use the facility as possible, kids enrolled in this program will not have access to our After-School Open Gym. We anticipate topping 1,000 youths in our first year.

    Here's How We'll Do It

    1 Four groups of 40 kids will participate in boxing and fitness classes twice a week, for 12 weeks, with one day dedicated to proper nutrition and healthy living.

    2 At the end of the 12 weeks there will be an event with free food and special guest sparring for the entire community to enjoy. Kids from the program may participate.

    3 We repeat this process four times a year, reaching 640 kids in this program alone. This program only occupies 3 hours of our work day and it's just the beginning as we work to make it even more compelling..

    How The Kids Will Be Divided Among Instructors

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