Our Back-To-School Clothing Drive is going on NOW!

Every year there are families who throw away school clothes that don't fit their kids anymore, then they buy new clothes for the new year.

We need families like this.

Every year there are families who are unable to afford new clothes for their kids.

We want to help families like this.

In this school district 53.5% of families are economically disadvantaged, and 50.2% are eligible for free lunch.

Here's how we'll do it:

Direct Community Engagement

We have begun a grassroots awareness campaign within the community. Placing signs at main cross streets and are collaborating with local churches and grocery stores. Traditional methods like talking to our neighbors and friends have made quick progress.

A break down of the calendar:

We've already begun accepting donations and will continue as we begin the awareness campaign.

Places such as churches and supermarkets, which are open seven days, are established in the communitys and will garner the donation intake from the start of the campaign up until its cut off date.

After we collect the donations, they are washed and sorted for 100 pre-screened families.

Friday July 20th - Last Day For Donations

Saturday July 21st - Thursday July 26th - Clothes will be cleaned and sorted by our volunteers

Saturday July 28th and Sunday 29th - Gift Packages created!

August 3rd-5th Tax Free Weekend - Our drive is held before this phase so families will have a better idea what they need to buy.

August 13th - First day of school!! We make sure the kids get what they need.