Board Of Directors


Alex Berrios
Program Director

Alex Berrios is a founding member of Palm Beach County Youth Foundation (PBCYF). He has an incredible passion for boxing with over 20 years of experience in the sport. Growing up in the community, he understands the youthful pressures of giving into bad decisions and has overcome obstacles himself that many would find unbeatable.

Being a relentless advocate for youths that have been 'left behind' by society, his vision for the program is to bring ambitious goals and confidence to every teen who walks through the PBCYF doors.

Abby Ross
Operations Director

Abby Ross has served as a legislative aide for ten years. She has worked with members of both Florida and the U.S. Congressional delegation in a multitude of roles.

Abby has also served in numerous capacities on campaigns from the local/city level, to state, federal and Presidential.
She is a very active person who enjoys running, spinning and loves any outdoor activities in the sun.

Noemi McGregor
Community Director

Noemi McGregor is a community specialist who has worked on numerous outreach initiatives. Current president of the Hispanic Caucus of Florida and founder of a cat rescue, Noemi has a huge heart with room for both people and animals.
A fierce campaigner with a result-oriented drive, Noemi is known for her problem solving and reliability. The community depends on it's leaders and it's leaders depend on Noemi.

A business owner and an organizer , Noemi is an asset to many and a friend to all.